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West Coast Tour

By : Fabio

January 29th was the last day of the tour on West Coast, so we create a gallery with pictures taken during the shows of the tour. Check out our new pictures gallery on We Heart It and feel free to follow us there ! Click here

White Moon

Tour dates // January

By : Fabio

James is going to start the tour to promote his brand new record "The Entire City" in West Coast. All details like dates,times,prices are on James Wolpert new site ! Get here the tickets: West Coast Tour. He is going to stop on Los Angeles, Eugene, Seattle, San Francisco and Venice. You can also book a James Wolpert show here and read the lyrics from the songs on The Entire City here.

 New pictures:

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The Entire City is out + Tour details !

By : Fabio
The Entire City
Today, January 15th, James Wolpert released his first solo record "The Entire City". We were waiting for the release since James left The Voice. James broke his Kickstarter goal of $25K to make this record. (The goal was $25K but we hit $27). I am so proud for all James' accomplishments this year and thank you everyone who supported this fanclub. Please, promote James' song to all your friends and family on your social media accounts. Now it's time to listen to new songs !

 James, you're keeping your promise ! The Entire City is the best album of year ! You're doing your best to bring songs with quality.

James at American Music Theater
Russell Wolff gave us the information that, apparently, James is going to start the tour to promote his record next week ! West Coast is where the tour begins. We are waiting for @JamesPWolpert give us more details about it.

Jan 28th > Cozmic (Eugene, OR) Tickets

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"This album is a 50-minute rock and roll deluge dedicated to my dearest family, my closest friends and my loyal fans." James Wolpert on his bandcamp page.

What's your favorite song from the record ? Vote at the top of the page for your favorites songs !


Release of The Entire City

By : Fabio
Heeey Guys ! Check your email !  James sent an email explaining everything about the release of The Entire City. It will come out Jan 15th. Now it is time to promote The Entire City !

CD Art + Tracklist

2.White Moon
3.The Entire City
5.My Transfiguration
7.My Love
9.A Lonely Night

"The CD jacket will feature a yellow cover, the vinyl will feature a red cover and the digital version will feature a blue cover" (Kickstarter)

"It's got a rockabilly, blues feel. Think troubadour. Think Bob Dylan. I think you'll like it :]"
James about A Lonely Night

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Instagram previews > Wolpert BR - Preview of The Entire City songs
Official  > http://jamespwolpert.com/

Kelly Moore interview James Wolpert

By : Fabio

James performing
 "Interview with James Wolpert, Lancaster County native and Season 5 finalist of NBC's singing competition, The Voice. Originally filmed on October 29, 2014 at Elizabethtown College." (Kelly Moore)

Bats is between the best songs of the November and December

By : Fabio

Bats,James first single, is receiving good review from youtubers. According to "Music Is My Hobby", Bats is on 20th position of the best songs released on UK and USA in November of 2014."Music Album" created a rank of thirty best songs released this year and Bats is occupying the position 28th.

Hot Music Collection US-UK (11/2014) - V.A ( Full Show )

Top songs of December 2014 || Best songs of December 2014

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PennLive:James Wolpert releases new single 'Bats'

By : Fabio
James Wolpert

The former "The Voice" contestant and Strasburg resident is still working on his first album, "The Entire City,"  which was funded by Kickstarter in June. But now, fans have something to tide them over until its release - his first single, "Bats."
"It's a very self-deprecating song," Wolpert told PennLive. "It's about personal missteps that I've made to push people in my life away. It's just a little facet of the whole album, which is essentially a self portrait."
"[Wolpert] is a mad scientist," said Russell Wolff, the producer for "Bats." "He goes into this world of his own devising. He creates these worlds, these musical worlds, and they're related to other worlds that have been out there before, but it's his own thing."

"He creates like a mad scientist and then he comes out with these creations and we all sit around and are like 'Wow, we need this in the world.'"

 "Bats" is especially significant to Wolff - it is the first song he ever heard Wolpert perform.
"I never saw him on 'The Voice,' so I saw him onstage with an acoustic guitar playing 'Bats,'" Wolff recalled. "For me, it was like this is a huge song with this huge story."

"It's a musical experience that brings you to places," Wolff said later. "As you listen to it you feel anxiety, you feel your heart beating faster, you feel actual physical symptoms. It gives you chills."
One thing that makes "Bats," and Wolpert's entire album, unique is the fact that the vocals have not been adjusted for pitch.

"It's so rare these days, but the vocals you hear are the scratch recordings of the take we ended up going with in the studio," Wolff said. "Nothing's been done, there's no pitch correction. He didn't come back and re-record these vocals."

"If you were in the studio now and we solo-ed just the vocal track, you'll hear all this crap in the background -- you'll hear somebody coughing. You don't hear it within the context of the song, but soloed, you hear it," Wolff continued.

"That's just a testament to what a rare talent and brilliant artist [Wolpert] is."
While the single is being released on Halloween, it won't make for the perfect Halloween party dance record. "It could set some Halloween-y ambience though," Wolpert said. "It's a very gritty, rough and screaming sort of song."

"It's meant to be listened to loud, wherever you can fit that into your life," Wolpert said

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PopWrapped: James Wolpert Releases Debut Single, Talks New Album, And Life Post-‘The Voice’

By : Fabio
James Wolpert 

The Entire City is the name of the 12-track album that James has just finished. Why that name? “It’s based off a painting by Max Ernst that I really love, and it kind of struck a chord with me when I first saw it. It’s about being wayward and placeless. It’s the region of the entire city from plains to bridges. It’s very personal to me.” He also says that the album will be straight-up Rock, but you will find some Blues and Folk influences in there too. Fans will also be very happy to know that a release date is coming soon!

The first single off of The Entire City is called “Bats.” It was released on Halloween, and it’s everything that James has promised. With killer vocals and guitar riffs for days, it’s a throwback to how rock music should sound. Just raw, uncut vocals and passion for one’s craft. I asked James what the recording process was like for “Bats.” He said it was “very cool, and very simple. We had four guys in the room: bass, drums, guitar, and me (also on guitar). Everything you hear, apart from over-dubs, is 100% live. If you listen to the scratch track, you can hear people walking around in the background and other instruments bleeding over into the mic. There’s no manipulation in those performances. It was very raw and organic.” Be sure to check out “Bats” and even download it on iTunes for only $0.99!

When James isn’t creating music, you will probably find him hiking, doing design work and illustrations, rocking out to “No Quarter” by Led Zeppelin, and sharing very entertaining photos/videos on his Instagram. Make sure to add him on all his social media accounts below!

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